Digital Journey

Gustaffo - the Digital Concierge - takes your hotel guests on a digital journey, by taking care of them before and during their stay, and after that, he stays in touch

Whether before, during or after your stay - we offer the optimal digital extensions, to make the guests stay in your hotel as pleasant as possible.

The beginning of the digital journey

Send your guests, in advance the link to web check-in automatically by e-mail. Or the mobile room key - directly to the smartphone. No annoying queues at the reception, your guests can go directly after arrival to their room. Your guests will thank you.

Are there any additional interesting offers in your hotel? Relevant arrival information or seasonal news about your restaurant offer? Inform your guests before their arrival via Unified Messaging. Thus, they can include this additional options when they plan their holiday.

The digital journey during the stay

Wake up calls, room service, table reservations? Via voice assistant or web app you can get more information and order services. Gustaffo, the digital concierge, is available around the clock and everywhere for your guests. Like the butler of an English mansion - inconspicuous and unobtrusive. But when needed, he is on hand.

At the end of the stay is the check-out. This can also be another stop on the digital journey of your hotel guests. As well as check-in, check-out can be arranged via the web. Here is also the mobile payment of the hotel bill including drinks and snacks from the minibar possible.

This way, your hotel will be best remembered and your guests will be happy to come back.
But with the check-out, the digital journey is far from over.

After the stay, the digital journey continues

Do not end the digital journey of your guest with their departure. For you and your hotel to be best remembered, keep a discreet contact with your guest via email or a messenger service. Unified messaging makes it possible.

After the guest leave your hotel, send them feedback sheets and encourage satisfied guests to post reviews on different online platforms. Keep them informed about your upcoming offers and special promotions. Stay in touch with your guests via email, Facebook or WhatsApp and always be available - the next vacation will definitely come and will be booked with you!

What does the digital journey mean for you and your hotel?

With the digital journey your hotel has arrived in 2018. Web check-in and check-out. Digital room key on smartphones. Voice assistant to request services and information. The digital guest folder that holds all the information your guests need and Unified Messaging, which facilitates the communication between you and your hotel guests.

The benefits to your hotel are obvious. The increased customer satisfaction ensures frequent guests recurrence, through automated processes significant cost savings can be realized. The ability to analyze guest behavior also helps you to better understand them and meet their needs in the best possible way.

You want the Digital Concierge "Gustaffo" to accompany you, your staff and your guests on this digital journey? Contact us today, we will assist you.