Goodbye paper: Here comes the digital guest folder


Admit it. It adds something noble to it: The leather-bound guest book. Stable, with a classical and well-tried touch. To hold on to relics, may have a certain charm. However, in 2018 it prevents your hotel to further develop themselves - to meet the needs of your guests and thereby increase the booking rate. The modern solution: the digital guest folder.
A guest folder made of paper must be reprinted in order to be up to date. Because what would be more embarrassing than a guest folder that presents “the dish of the day” and it is the same as the one from yesterday. Your guests would be baffled.

Appearance: The digital guest folder

Environmentally friendly, innovative and good looking: This is the guest folder with Gustaffo! Inform your hotel guests about the facilities in your hotel - with an interactive guest folder that can be properly programmed beforehand.

Just open the Gustaffo web-app on your smartphone or tablet

The Gustaffo web-app offers all the necessary information and the perfect concierge service: With just a click, your guests can request all the relevant information from their hotel room! Take a virtual tour of the hotel grounds and provide information and services from A to Z.

  • Which are the necessary security informations and important phone numbers?
  • When is the next room cleaning scheduled?
  • Show your guests a program for kids and tell them how the weather will be for the next few days.
  • Your guests can order the latest newspapers, magazines, and books directly from the Gustaffo web-app.
  • Or you can inform them about the current lunch menu, as well as the possible choices for dinner, for the next days.

Your guests no longer have to request all the information at the front desk - with the digital guest folder they will receive the relevant information live and in real time. This applies equally to holiday hotels, conference hotels, spa hotels, family hotels, rural hotels, city hotels and many more. Take advantage of the digitization processes, whether with a live chat, digital concierge or interactive guest folder, such as the Gustaffo digital guest folder.


Make conferences easy: for your guest satisfaction

Design your digital guest folder for professional meetings, seminars or conferences. Inform the attendees about the points on the agenda, adding extra value to your hotel - it will unburden your guest and they will thank you.

In this folder, you can inform the participants which WLAN they need to use when breaks take place and you can also provide them with notebook functions for conferences or training.

Intercultural and multilingual: The Gustaffo digital guest folder

Other countries, other manners. Organizing multi-language folders out of paper is the latest of evils. Imagine, you would have to quickly consider which are the different eating habits in each country and culture.

With a modern digital guest folder, you prepare yourself, individually, for your guests - without the need to print a new card for each of your guests.
Whether French, Brazilian Portuguese or Russian: Just set your guest folder in the desired language. You will gain points, if you adjust the digital guest folder, for foreign guests with their respective culture. For example, when Muslims are celebrating Ramadan.

Digitalization on the rise: the best thing for your hotel and your guests

Digitalization in 2018: Using a digital guest folder, indicates that you are taking advantage of the digitization process. Hotels can, therefore, offer their guests more comfort. The ideal concierge service means always thinking a step ahead and acting in the interests of your guest. This way your guest will feel spoiled and satisfied and will happily book again with you.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of a digital guest folder? You seriously think about implementing this innovation in your hotel. Gustaffo gladly assists you with this task.
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