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~ 5 good reasons why nobody needs them ~

16 May 2018

Your own hotel app - just a few years ago, she was a hit in the hotel industry. Any self-respected hotel owner, had or wanted such an app for his house.

In the meantime popularity of hotel applications has decreased. Why is that so and what speaks against a hotel app? This is partly due to the fact, that there are already much better technical possibilities - such as the Digital Concierge Gustaffo - and for the following 5 reasons.

1. Your guests do not want to install an app

Be honest now: How many apps are "lying around", unused on your smartphone? Did you ever think in the beginning you would need each and every one of them, after a while they would occupy a lot of storage, and they would overload your mobile device with data, making it slower.

Considering this fact, it is understandable why only a few people would want to install, for a short stay, the hotels own app.

2. Hotel apps do not pay off

Apps pay off - if at all - only for large hotel chains and brands like Hilton or Marriott. Guests who travel a lot and prefer a particular hotel chain for their stays are more likely to install and use an app of their favorite hotel. Therefore, the investment in development and marketing is, for these hotel chains worth - but not for hotels of medium and small size.

Besides, the industry giants do not put in much effort in marketing advertising and regular software updates for their apps, because they have their own employees for that.

3. The effort for development and programming is too big

The effort to develop or program a high-quality app for both operating systems, iOS and Android is not insignificant. Therefore this solution is not suitable for every budget. The initial costs do not include the cost of regular updates and future updates, without which a hotel app is not provided.

4. The problem with marketing

You need a professional promotion package in order to draw the attention to your hotel app. This way it will be possible to increase the download numbers and awareness. That means extra work that has to be done or paid for.

App manufacturers recommend, for example:

  • Advertise your app with a direct link to Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Use a QR code
  • Show your clients the benefits of your hotel app
  • Present your app on the homepage of your website
  • Create your own landing page for the app
  • Use newsletters and your social media networks
  • Advertise your app offline with attractive marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, posters, table stands, etc.

You must complete these time sensitive tasks by yourself or outsource for a lot of money. Without an appropriate marketing campaign, your hotel app will not be noticed by the guests.

5. A hotel app is more than just searching and booking

The most popular hotel apps, such as Expedia, HRS, Booking.com, etc., may help your guest find and book your hotel. But that is about it. They do not provide any function, besides booking, that will make the hotel visit an unforgettable experience for your guests.

For these reasons, we at Gustaffo offer a web app that combines all the advantages for you as a hotelier and for your guests - the Gustaffo Digital Concierge.

  • no download
  • no app
  • no registration
  • no hardware
  • immediately usable
  • fully customizable to the hotel design (be it a single hotel or a hotel chain)
  • can be used directly by the guests via a short link or the wifi home page

Our clients enthusiastically provide feedback: "The Digital Concierge gives us the possibility to easily and quickly communicate with our guests while offering an innovative advantage. The user-friendliness - for our guests and our staff - and customization options per hotel add a great value…"

If you want your clients to be so enthusiastic about your hotels, contact us, - Gustaffo makes it possible.