Lots of channels - one inbox: The dialogue with your hotel guests has never been so comfortable. You will never miss any requests - and you will be able to respond to your guest in real time, on their favorite messenger!

Unified Messaging makes it possible

After the app boom, messengers are "the next big thing" - and with Gustaffo you are right at the very top ! No matter if your guest contacts you via your website, the Gustaffo Mobile Concierge, Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Twitter, email or SMS: the message goes right into an inbox from which you can comfortably reply in real time - the answer then goes back to your guest on the same channel. The better and faster you respond to you guests inquiries, the more professional will your hotel image be.

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Convenience for guests and employees

Unified messaging is the most comfortable and convenient form of dialog between you and your guests. Without complicated redirects and hurdles for guest and employees, just a simple, uncomplicated communication is the focus of this technology.

Make it as easy as possible for your guests to communicate with you

As individual as your guests are, so individual are their communication channels. While one prefers to pick up the phone, another prefers to send SMS or Whatsapp messages. With Gustaffo's Unified Messaging Service, your guest does not have to give up this comfort. No matter which device or messaging service he chooses to contact you with, you will be able to respond that request promptly and easily.

Make it easier for your team

Rather than having to be available on all channels, systems and devices, the Unified Messaging Service collects in a single inbox all the messages and requests - whether fax, SMS, e-mail or any other form of message. This simplifies and facilitates the communication for your team and frees up time resources for other important activities in the hotel.
With Gustaffo's Unified Messaging Service you can reach an unprecedented level of customer loyalty: You can easily engage in direct dialogue with your guest on their preferred messenger - they can communicate with the same way as with friends and family.

The benefits of Unified Messaging

Your team does not have to constantly check five different channels for news - everything moves comfortably to Gustaffo.
If your team can not respond immediately: Of course, all channels can also be combined with our bot, through which the guests can automatically retrieve information and order services.
Messages of any form are accepted by Gustaffo

  • telephony via voicebox
  • SMS
  • faxes
  • email
  • from messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, etc.

Your guests receive timely answers to their inquiries, as they are collected and retrieved by an inbox - regardless of the communication channel.
Unified Messaging is the future of communications in the hospitality industry. We welcome you and your hotel in the future. Gustaffo will assist you with know-hows and expertise in planning and implementation.