Excite your guests!

90% of all guests own a smartphone - the Gustaffo Digital
Concierge translates this vast potential into happy guests
and makes their stay a pleasant and unforgettable experience!


Let us introduce - GUSTAFFO

Gustaffo provides support in the form of a 'digital concierge' and gets guests excited.

Gustaffo is the digital concierge for your hotel. Gustaffo provides information and services to your guests in various ways. Either as a chatbot, in your Wifi, at Facebook or through your existing website. Regardless which channel your guest prefers Gustaffo delivers the requested information right away on your guests device!



Supporting your reception team 24 hours, 7 days per week. It's a quick & easy way for hotel guests to get the requested information and services. It makes guests happier and your work more efficient.


On your guests device as a digital concierge. Gustaffo does check-in and check-out, digital guest folder, provides local information, room service and anything else you want to provide to your guests.


Gustaffo will be designed according to your corporate design. E.g. Colors & images of your hotel. And it is multi-lingual - whether it's English, French or Finnish - Gustaffo speaks the guest's native language.

Technical Implementation

No app, no registration, no hardware - it's very easy!

Let's face it: For a short hotel stay, nobody wants to install another app or sign up. The simpler the technical solution the better. With our web app, no installation or login is required. Guests use your WiFi to login with our digital concierge. This lowers usage barriers rapidly and promotes your hotel services.

Software Integration with any hotel software

We are able to connect with any software, e.g. Infor Starlight PMS or HMS. Gustaffo supports htng standard .


Gustaffo Chatbot

“How long is breakfast available?”, “Wake me up tomorrow at 7.00 a.m.”, etc. Gustaffo Chatbot is ready to answer your guests questions. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Voice Assistant

“Alexa, tell me the daily news”, “Alexa when do i need to check-out?”, etc. Do your guests love to talk with a virtual assistant? Amazon Echo will join the reception team in autumn 2017.

Gustaffo Instant

Gustaffo talks to your guest via your hotel website, Facebook or Gustaffo landing page. Want to know more about that? Just call us!

Notify your guests

Send push messages with available offers - like spa, straight on your guests mobile phones.

Splash Screen

Promote top sellers quick & easy.

Web Check-in

Welcome your guests in the most convenient way. The online web check-in saves time and provides all the necessary information.

Web Check-out

Guests can check-out and pay their invoice online, with Gustaffo. Just leave the access card in the room and get your invoice per email.


Gustaffo is designed to support any language. Guests can browse your services & guest folder in their native language. This way your international guests feel like home.


Basic package + optional further packages

– Pay only the features you use
– Monthly fees
– Monthly cancellation period

Are you interested?

We would be happy to send you the current pricelist on request!