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Our Mission

Provide state of the art digital solutions to improve and innovate the hospitality industry.

Terms of use

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Our Vision

Digitalise end to end the way guests interact with a hotel to make staying in a hotel as easy as staying at your own home.


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Why Choose Us


Gustaffo is out of the box integrated with most used systems for property management and access management. This makes for an easy and seamless installation.

Configurable services

Many services configurable to a property's (or a whole group's) level. Enable/disable the digital services best suited to each property in order to provide better access for your guests.

State of the art technology

We at Gustaffo are committed to create the most resilient and reliable services for our customer by creating ad-hoc solutions and infrastructures to better support your hotel's digital services.

We turn ideas into works of art

Some of our happy customers

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Easy integration with our partners

We have integrated with every major PMS provider to make automated Digital Key delivery easy and intuitive.

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